Why Surveillance is Important

Surveillance is simply monitoring what is going on in areas that are important to you. It comes from a French word that means to “watch over.”

The most obvious reason for surveillance monitoring is to observe or record behaviors. By observing suspicious activities around your home you can contact the police who can chase potential thieves away from your property. By recording illegal activity you can present evidence in court to convict thieves and intruders.

While the government is increasing its surveillance of the population, it cannot monitor every area that is important to you. With the appropriate monitoring equipment you can make your home or office more secure, protecting the lives of people and your possessions.

The placement of cameras around your home can both help make your home more secure and make life easier for you. Monitoring cameras at your front door, for example, can let you remotely see who is at your door. Knowing who is at your door can help you decide if you want to answer the door. It could be someone making a delivery or a door-to-door salesman. Seeing who is there can save you from making unnecessary trips to answer the doorbell.

Surveillance recording devices do not have to be stationary cameras. They can be concealed in wearable items such as sunglasses, tie clasps and buttons which are part of your normal clothing and dress. Monitoring conversations and activities of other individuals in this manner can be useful in court cases or insurance claims.

Unobtrusive monitoring devices can also be concealed in normal home furnishings such as clocks, radios, tissue boxes, and flower pots. Such devices can be useful to monitor babysitters or workers who are in your home when you cannot be present with them.

Of course, one of the latest surveillance techniques the average person can use is aerial surveillance from an airborne vehicle such as a personal drone. As these drones become more prevalent, more people can mount miniature cameras to their drones and fly them over areas they want to monitor. You may, for example, have extra property like a wooded area or a field that you wish to monitor.

While not yet as sophisticated as military drones, personal drones have rapidly come down in price and for under $300 you can have your own personal drone that transmits video right to your tablet or smart phone.

Surveillance also includes such topics as cell phone monitoring, computer logging, data mining, profiling, and monitoring by private detectives.

Many options are open to you as a consumer to help protect loved ones and property. Surveillance equipment is well within the budget of the average person and can save you time and energy while giving you peace of mind.

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