720P HD Wireless Wifi Home Security Surveillance Camera

  • $49.99

  This product has a 3.6 milimeter wide lens that is WiFi-supported and can be used indoors at home or in an office setting. The camera also supports night vision.


  • Can initiate a motion-detecting alarm which can definitely alert neighbors of a criminal in the area
  • Has a "two-way" communication feature where you can speak directly with friends and families via camera.
  • Supports micro SD card storage up to 64G (not included) so that you can save a large amount of camera footage onto your laptop or other mobile devices that supports SD cards 
  • WiFi-supported device allows relatives and friends to view footage remotely using multiple devices. The maximum infrared distance is 10 meters and the footage is super clear

  With all of these benefits, you and your loved ones can be rest assured that the environment will be protected from criminals 24 hours a day. Also, police officers can crack down the criminals more easily using this camera than other traditional cameras!


  • When I use the two-way audio communication, why do I sometimes hear some static noise in the background?
    • Make sure that your camera is not too close to an electronic device as this may cause some signal interference. It's usually normal to hear a noise in the beginning, but as you adjust the camera, you should be good to go!
  • Does this camera support night vision?
    • yes, absolutely! When it gets dark outside, the Infrared (IR) sensor in the camera lens automatically changes to night vision mode, which will allow the camera to see clearly in the dark
  •  Why am I finding a hard time connecting my camera to my device via WiFi?
    • If you are connecting your camera to your phone or tablet via WiFi for the first time, then please make sure to connect your devices to the same internet provider and try again. Otherwise, contact us and a technical team member will be available to assist you
  • How long is the camera footage stored?
    • For the most part, footage is stored on the micro SD card for as long as you want it to be there. Just make sure to save all videos and pictures onto your phone or tablet as quickly as you retrieve them to avoid lost data
  • For all additional questions, please feel free to email or text us and someone will happily assist you :)