1080P HD Wireless CCTV Surveillance Baby Monitor Camera

  • $74.99

   This is the latest generation wireless camera that has a dual antennae to allow you to capture footage in a colorful manner while viewing images remotely via WiFi. The antennae simply creates a stronger internet connection and a better camera footage.


  • You and your loved ones can see the environment in a colorful, but clear way while being rest assured that you are safe 24/7
  • The camera can tilt up to 120 degrees up and down and 350 degrees sideways to allow you to see almost every inch of what is going on in your home or office
  • Camera contains a microphone and speaker to allow you to speak with your loved ones remotely on a smart phone or tablet
  • It's very easy to install the camera yourself unlike other traditional surveillance cameras. As a result, you can quickly protect yourself from criminals without having to spend more money to have someone come to your home to fix the cameras 
  • Did I mention that you can view camera footage remotely? Even if you're far from home, you can still see what's going on at home via WiFi and make sure your wife and kids are okay!
  • The camera will email you if it detects anything suspicious in your home. We can help you set this up!
  • The dual antennae eliminates any possible signal interference so that the camera does the best job in keeping you and your loved ones safe. The WiFi is super strong and is not like that of other cameras!

   This camera is not like any other camera you have seen before. The dual antennae and physical structure of the camera allows you to install a 24 hour security over your home or office :)