CCTV Home Security Video Surveillance Kit

  • $169.99

   We provide you a surveillance camera kit containing four 3.6 mm-lens cameras that can provide 24 hour protection against criminals both indoors and in outdoor settings. You can use the kit both at home or in an office environment. 


  • Simply has the best high definition image quality and allows you and your colleagues to view and/or record high definition resolution. Perpetrators can be seen very clearly like never before!
  • Contains a night vision lens to allow the cameras to record footage at night and in any kind of weather such as in snow, rain, and hail. The night vision mode is initiated when there is low lighting in the area.
  • Allows you and your loved ones to view camera footage remotely via PC and mobile devices such as your cellphone and tablet. Just download an app and you are all set!
  • Contains recording modes which allows you to customize how long to record footage. Also, the kit contains an email alert system that allows the cameras to send you an alert when they detect suspicious activities in the home or office. If a criminal comes anywhere near your environment, then you can receive an email alert right on you phone or tablet showing you a picture of the criminal!

   Feel free to buy this high definition resolution camera kit because I assure you that you will not be disappointed. These cameras can be placed anywhere inside the home or office and contains a dark power control box to manage your office or home 24/7!  

Package Includes:

  • 1, 4-CH Security 5 in 1 DVR recorder
  • 1 Power Supply for DVR
  • 1 CD software
  • 1 USB mouse
  • 1 User's manual 
  • 4, 720-P ABS Waterproof cameras
  • 4, Video Power 60 feet BNC cable
  • 1, 4-to-1 Splitter cable
  • 1 power supply cable
  • Please note: No Hard Drive is included and U.S power plugs only. Please contact us to request for foreign power plugs